Dig Tittle is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. As a dog trainer, I not only use her to walk my own dogs, but refer her to ALL of my personal clients. Her seemingly innate ability to keep command over any situation, keeps all of the dogs in her charge so calm. I am always shocked at how well she trains and communicates with all animals, and her unwavering empathy is exactly what is needed in anyone who works with pets. Dig is also prompt, reliable, and clear with the people who use her services. I truly don't know what I would do with my very troubled rescue dog, if it weren't for Dig.

Budee and I win 1st place in obedience!            
                                                                                 (picture to the right)
Sarah Prelle
Lyness Canine Training


With four children, three dogs, and a very active lifesyle, Dig has become an indispensable resource. Although I've always loved Australian Shepherds, I was completely unaware of the extreme investment of time and energy required to keep them happy and healthy. Three or four days a week my schedule is very demanding, almost unmanageable, and I rely on Dig to step in to excercise and nurture my Aussies. It is only then that I can peacefully truly focus on the rest of my family.

Thanks again, Dig!

Lorraine Kramer, Reba and Nathan


I have 2 young beagle doggies that Dig has been with since they were both babies. They are both three years old now and love spending time with her.
She has walked and trained them from the beginning and they are so much better behaved because of it. I use her services daily and don't know what I would do without her. It is nearly impossible to find someone who will love and care for your pet like she does. I know Dig ALWAYS  has their best interest in mind and treats them as if they were her own. My dogs have an absolute blast with her and always come home exhausted.  
I can't say enough about Dig's services and her character and integrity, I promise, you will never find a bigger doggie lover!

Liza Oshiro


Dig is the most wonderful person! She is so good at walking Lodi, and she always gives him a little exta time. She also trains him while walking him, and tunes him up when ever he forgets. Dig has walked for me for over a year.  She is always on time, and I am so happy with her!

Alice Bauer

I met Dig about 3 years ago at the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Shelter.  She was a dedicated volunteer who spent many days a week walking and training dogs.  
At that time, I was the Dog Care and Evaluation Representative, later to become the Care and Evaluation Chairperson.  I could count on Dig to help me keep up to date on any dog health issue that was to arise.  
Dig was recognized for her abilities along with the connection she has with animals to walk and train the more challenging dogs at the shelter.
As a Pet Tech First Aid instructor, Dig came to my workshop to gain knowledge and prepare herself to handle emergencies.  
Both my dogs (Budee the Boxer & Jiminee Cricket the Min Pin) love spending time with Dig.  They especially love the walks and hikes in the local hills.
Dig also takes care of my dogs special feeding and medication requirements.  

I highly recommend Dig N’ Dogs services.  

Esther Horn
The Canine Healthcare Coach
Hands On Paws