Individual Walks- I take one client at a time for their
private walk, fast paced and fun!    

 $35 per hour/ $25per half hour/ $30 for 45 mins

MOST POPULAR GROUP WALK- Your pooch gets exersize and socialization in one great walk!

 All the pups in this groups are friendly and full of fun! Your pooch learns leash skills and calm behavior while walking.

$35 per hour/$25 half hour/30 for $45 mins   

Dog Park Romps- Multiple dogs (no more than four), have a
blast running off all of their pent up energy at the local dog park.                                                                                                             
$45 per hour/ $5 exta for each additional dog

Group Hikes-Off leash hiking over hills is the best way
to thouroughly
spend your wild pooch's energy!                                                                                                                                       
$40/ $5 exta for each additional dog

Beach Trips-
A beautiful way to get excercise, the water loving hounds especially love these trips.                                                                                                                                                                    

$40/ $5 for each additional dog

Half Day Adventures-
Four hours of nonstop excitement will leave your buddy completely pooped for the rest of the day. Great for the mind, body, and soul.                                     

$45/ $15 for each additional dog



  • Overnight- This is available for approved dogs who are potty trained and dog friendly. They are my dog for the stay and are completely cage free in my own home. This is a great option for older dogs who do not appreciate the stressful environment of a boarding kennel. I will give any medications and/or special food.