The Scenery
Though your dog may not appreciate the views as much as I do, hiking and field trips are done at some of the most beautiful places Orange County has to offer. Adventures that take place in the middle of the day are chosen with great care. Shady trails are the most fun for the group, and they stay cool while running and romping.


   Dog Park Trips Ball chasing, tug of war, and romping with other dogs are a few of the perks that your pup will enjoy while at the local dog park.

Safe fun is always my first priority and I will leave at the first sign of aggression from the other dogs in the park. I have never had a dog injured while in my care.


Beach Time!
Digging comes naturally for most dogs, and, when not in your backyard, it is a great way to excercise mind and body. Let them get all of their digging desires out with me!

Most dogs lose their mind when their paws touch the loose sand. Spinning doughnut circles and digging holes to nowhere are common thrills at the beach. The fresh smells, sea birds, crab legs, and foamy water make the beach my dog's personal favorite.

Little Guys need excercise, too, and group hikes are a great way to get it.
I specifically take groups of dogs who are similar in size. For smaller dogs, this
makes romping much more fun. Chihuahuas, MiniPinschers and other toy breeds
often display aggressive behavior out of fear. This tends to diminish when the
other dog is the same size.